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A Game About Boolean Satisfiability is a small game about strange circuitry in an abstract building. It started off as a class project, but wound up being good enough that I decided  to release it on its own.

Most of what you'll see is procedurally generated, from the names of the puzzles to the color of your character. The puzzles themselves are generated in the background as you play, and can always be solved, sometimes in more ways than one. (There's a small chance the puzzle generation engine will fail to create a puzzle; if this happens, you win.)

The game is only finite, unfortunately.

A document talking about the generators we used and the design of the game is available online here.

Video (or, a full playthrough): https://youtu.be/R10fWrqHhFg.


Two versions of the game are available: one with music, and one without music. Both have the full experience.



A and D to walk around

Enter to enter a puzzle

Mouse and keyboard to solve puzzles.


A Game About... (with music) 54 MB
A Game About... (no music) 43 MB
Source Code: A Game About Boolean Satisfiability 21 MB

Install instructions

To run A Game About Boolean Satisfiability, extract the .zip archive to any folder on your system, then run A Game About Boolean Satisfiability.exe.

The music in the version with music will not start immediately. Let it sit. Consider the quietness, the silence, the anechoic chamber containing only inaudible waves (unless, of course, your video connection interferes with some speaker here or elsewhere). Reflect and ponder on this. (The music should start slowly once the first puzzle is complete.)

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